Thursday, June 2, 2011

The reason God made Aunties..

was to literally supply children with ridiculous things that they could, on any other day, do without!! See Below:
I was never really a girly girl growing up. I was into playing in the dirt and playing with my brother and his friends. Needless to say, hairbows were definitely not my thing. I'm fairly certain mom attempted to slap bows in my head, but my problem was I had no hair. So that just made the situation worse. I am bound and determined too let Riley (my niece) be as girly as I can make her! So far, so good!

Since our family is big Jimmie Johnson fans.. Princess Fancy Pants can now totally rock the #48 bow! The only problem is their racing suits no longer fit them.

I'm working on something to complete the ensemble.

Since she's so into dress up now days, mom and I found this in a resale shop. I figure she's going to outgrow it so fast, why not find an already loved one. But, what's a fairly without a wand?! It was actually a lot easier to make than I thought. AND.. of course she needed a hair bow to match. Not to shabby!

Poor Nathan, he kinda gets the short end of the deal here. I mean, I could always make him something frilly, but then my brother (his father) would surely kill me next month when he comes home from Afghanistan. I found this little wooden creatures at Hobby Lobby. Their made so that their tales wiggle around. They actually had all kinds and you simple slap some paint on them and make them however you like.

When we were in Colorado for their birthday back in February, I made the mistake of letting Princess Fancy Pants try on a pink cowgirl hat. She pitched a fit because I wasn't paying $60 for it so she could take it home. That's how 2 year olds roll though. So, Auntie finally followed through and totally got you one!