Friday, May 20, 2011

Hokie, Baby

This is the third VT baby blanket I've done. The first one was created because of my good friend Laura from Tennessee. Virginia Tech is her Alma mater, so it was only fitting that when her friends started having babies, they each received a one as a gift!

I can't say that I am a VT fan, mainly because I wasn't raised around it, nor did I attend. I'm a Bearkat... ya that's right! That's my Alma mater, I admitted to it. Moving on, each of the 3 blankies, as Laura refers to them, have been different,but the same. All have similar fabrics, some of which are exactly the same and the backing was always done in chocolate brown minkee.

This picture is of the first VT blankie I made last year. It's obviously used! The VT logo on the previous 2 where done in felt and stitched the the lower corner on the front. I like using felt because it seems to hold up wash after wash, especially with items like this that tend to be loved to the max!! The latest blankie's VT logo was done in chenille because I thought it was much more girly than the felt. You see, evidently people are going back to the whole old school way of thinking.. as in not finding out what they are having! This drives in crazy and makes things so difficult to be creative!! But thankfully I was informed ahead of time with this one!

All the mommies are friends and sisters and now their babies all have a little something in common! From what I understand, these spread like wildfire in the Hokie community!

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