Monday, May 23, 2011

Inability to Follow

directions, that is.. You see there are many things I have trouble doing, but following a pattern(and directions) is at the top of my list. I simply cannot do it! I always find something to change or tweak and then in the end it becomes my own little thing and frankly I'm okay with that.

I made a strap cover for my camera several years ago. I have used it, abused it, and of course never washed it. It spent a lot of it's time being used outside on a farm, hence the filthy part. Now, I could have just washed it and went on with my day. But, no.. I felt it was time for a change.

Yep, I added ruffles! Feel free to judge me, I know it's completely out of the norm for me. Oh my, what is this world coming to that I am carrying something that professes all that is girly.

Actually, I really like it! AND.. I can now embroider/monogram/stitch the world because we ( and by we I mean mom) are now the owners of our very own corruption machine, oh I mean Embroidery machine. You see, this was a long time coming and I have the urge to put names on pretty much everything in sight.

The only problem, I have to take a trip all the way back to College Station to have a small lesson in software usage. We purchased additional software with the whole deal and of course it won't work right. Duh! Would things ever go as planned, no.

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